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Thank You for your donation or subscription

Personal Care Calling Services, Inc has received your subscription and or donation payment through our interface with Square Merchant Services payment platform for non profits. If you chose "subscription" then your payment method will be charged monthly for the plan you chose until you cancel the service(s). You may do that with Square or contact PCCS (us) to cancel the plan.

If you chose to DONATE a one-time donation, remember that your donation is tax deductible. Your generosity will be put to great use in supporting our organizations service to others in need and could be put to day to day operations and the challenges that come with funding a nonprofit. We greatly appreciate your donation.

You will receive an email confirmation from Square Merchant Services that may serve as a receipt, please inquire if you would like a personalized letter receipt from our office.

New Care Call Recipient Information Form

Please submit this form filled out so that we may contact you to get acquainted and determine the type of daily wellness call you will need. 

The process is simple and relatively fast! 

Once the recipient's call is set up here is want can be expected:

  • Incoming call.

  • Automated or live, will provide a caring greeting of your choosing or our standard wellness verbiage.

  • If Automated, the recipient will be prompted to press #1 if all is well. If the recipient does not answer, there will be 2 additional attempts, and if there is no response the designated emergency contact or a Care Rep from PCCS will be contacted and reach out to check in on the recipient. Sometimes, it is necessary to have the police do an in-person wellness check when there are no E.R. contacts except for PCCS.

  • Otherwise they the call will be concluded with a closing greeting

Our calls take 45 seconds to one minute dependent on the type. 

  • Daily Wellness Care Call (Check-in on you)

  • Daily Medication Care Call

  • Daily Advocacy Care Call (cheery call in relation to the current events going on; for example: weight loss program, addiction program, recuperating, etc.

  • Daily or Weekly Appt. Reminders

  • Custom Care Call  

This service is to give peace of mind and hope to an otherwise challenging time in the recipient's life.

We are excited to be of service to you and look forward to speaking with you to set up your service. 

Don't forget that your subscription can be considered as a donation and may be tax deductible.


 © Personal Care Calling Services, Inc 501c3

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