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You Can Make a Difference

Our local and national movement is to provide loving daily care & wellness calls to so many deserving people, which will bring light and hope where it may not currently be found. HELP US to share kindness and hope for those that feel alone or may need to know that they are truly cared for. CHANGE A LIFE TODAY! 

Personal Care Calling Services is in constant need of supplies and funding for our projects, events, and daily operations. Once your donation is accepted and we are notified, you will be contacted with a follow-up call to ensure what service if any your donation was intended for. If you would like to use PCCS services we will then go over our options and your needs. If your donation was simply to be generous & charitable to others your gift will be put to very good use. Remember, your subscription and donations are "tax deductible".

No matter your generous gifted amount or how often you may choose to donate; those funds will provide services for others that may not be able to afford a needed daily wellness or care call or participation in one of our projects & events. Medication reminder calls can also make a difference to the well being of our clients!