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Senior Citizens In Need Of Support Services In U.S.: Left Behind

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Senior citizens in need of support services in the U.S. are often left behind while still in need of emotional and physical care and other support; this is especially true for those living alone and on fixed incomes or with limited mobility or health issues. However, nonprofit organizations have stepped up to provide services and support for these individuals, helping to improve their quality of life and ensure they are not forgotten.

Personal Care Calling Services Can Help
Disabled Senior Living Alone

One of the biggest challenges facing seniors in the U.S. is the need for more affordable housing. Many seniors live on fixed incomes, making it difficult to afford housing that meets their needs. Additionally, seniors with mobility issues may require special accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility or grab bars in the bathroom. Unfortunately, many housing options do not provide these necessary features, leaving seniors with limited options.

Nonprofit organizations have recognized this issue and have worked to provide affordable housing options for seniors. For example, the National Church Residences is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing for seniors nationwide. They offer various housing options, including apartments and assisted living facilities, and work to ensure each unit is accessible and meets the individual resident's needs.

Another challenge facing seniors is social isolation. Many seniors live alone and may not have family or friends nearby. Living alone can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression, which can have a negative impact on their mental and physical health. Nonprofit organizations have recognized this issue and have developed programs to help seniors stay connected with others. For example, the Senior Corps is a national program linking seniors with community volunteer opportunities; this not only allows seniors to give back and make a difference but also provides them with social interaction and a sense of purpose. Additionally, many senior centers offer programs and activities for seniors, such as exercise classes, game nights, and social events.

A few options to help resolve the uncertainty of seniors living alone; called; aging in place. Personal Care Calling Services is a nonprofit (501c3), and they provide a service nationwide that explicitly addresses peace of mind and reassurance that they are not entirely alone. PCCS provides daily reassurance calls that can also act as daily medication reminders. Seniors, Veterans, and disabled individuals with no family or at least none nearby have shared that a service like this makes a difference to their quality of life; less anxiety means they can better enjoy their day knowing someone cares to check in on them every day.

Finally, healthcare is another area where seniors often struggle. Many seniors have chronic health conditions that require ongoing care and treatment. However, healthcare can be expensive, and many seniors may not have access to affordable healthcare options.

Nonprofit organizations have developed programs to help seniors access the healthcare they need. For example, the National Council on Aging offers a BenefitsCheckUp tool that allows seniors to determine what healthcare benefits they may be eligible for, including Medicare, Medicaid, and prescription drug assistance programs. Additionally, many nonprofit organizations offer free or low-cost healthcare clinics for seniors who cannot afford traditional healthcare options.

In conclusion, seniors in the U.S. are often left behind and dismissed as a troublesome demographic, thereby lacking the support they need. Nonprofit organizations are a valuable resource with programs, products, and services to lead to better options for opportunities to find affordable housing, social support, and healthcare services to help seniors live healthy and fulfilling lives. We must recognize the importance of supporting our seniors and ensure they are "lifted up and not left behind".

Atitcle created by Patsy D. Henson, Founder / CEO of Personal Care Calling Services, Inc. NPO.


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