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Reassurance & Reminder Calls!

Daily Peace of Mind Communications for medications, and care calls.


At Personal Care Calling Services, Inc. NPO, dba, as Daily Peace of Mind Communications, we understand that every small action can make a significant difference in the lives of your loved ones and yours. Our team shares your concerns and empathizes with the challenges faced by seniors and people with disabilities who live independently. We are committed to positively impacting their lives through our advocacy and outreach activities. By offering a daily reassurance call, text, or email, we can provide our clients a sense of emotional well-being through the peace of mind a better quality of life can offer. Thank you for considering us as a partner caring for your loved ones.


We are a legitimate Non-Profit organization and our classifications reflect that. We welcome donations of any size as your generosity can make a great difference in the lives of those who feel lonely, hopeless and are concerned about their daily well-being. Our care calls, emails and texts provide a simple daily communication that can give peace of mind and hope to our recipients.

Your funds may get utilized in one of our programs like Wellness Through Art or Seniors Safely Online. It's important to remember that having our service can make all the difference in the quality of life for many people.

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PCCS listed with the Florida Dept. of Agriculture as a registered Charitable Org.




Gold Rating

Personal Care Calling Services cares that you are confident we are a true giving organization. Check our certifications by clicking on the following links.

Charity Navigator


Outstanding Quality

Personal Care Calling Services cares that you are confident we are a true giving organization. Check our certifications by clicking on the following links.

501c3 Non Profit


Donations or Tax Deductible

You can feel confident in your donation to our organization.

We All "Must" Do Better in Caring for this Nations Senior Citizens.
There is no excuse for their neglect, fear, stress and aloneness!

Hope Through
Daily Peace of Mind


Be a part of something good.

Here at Daily Peace of Mind Communications, we offer daily reassurance wellness & care calls and creative and community services. Our "Care Reps" lovingly place calls, emails, and texts daily to its recipients. Our demographic knows no bounds: Seniors, Veterans, First Responders, Individuals, Families, and Organized Groups. Wellness through Art and safe online communications for Seniors, including Social Media and emailing, are just a few services that make up our vision.


As a non-profit organization, your monthly or annual subscription can be a tax-deductible donation. Wouldn't you be glad if someone made a caring difference in your life or for someone you love? By subscribing to Daily Peace of Mind Communications, we can reach out daily to offer hope and assurance of better emotional wellness and quality of life! 


Affordable for those with financial means, whose subscriptions also go to helping those who do not have the means; an excellent way for everyone to find peace of mind.


Making A Difference With Daily Peace Of Mind

Wellness Through Art PCCS


Social Media & Email Safety

Our organization supports the senior community in every way. It's tragic when the elderly are taken advantage of with online scams. We also want to help this demographic to feel confident keeping in touch through email and social media, keeping privacy settings in mind.

Telephone Reassurance Calls



Hands on Creative Outlet

Personal Care Calling Services aspires to provide with Wellness Through Art and to inspire through creativity, color, and fun! We believe using art to inspire is great for everyone. Donations help to bring this this program to life.



Helping Our Veterans & First Responders

At Personal Care Calling Services, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing these issues. Advocacy is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area.


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ONE Person can make a Difference, and Everyone Should Try!

John F. Kennedy

Other Helpful Resources
If you need other services that may be covered by your insurance, free or discounted please visit Just enter your ZIP Code and all the community, social and health services located in your area will be there for you to find other help that you or your loved one needs. We have a profile there and below is our intake/eligibility form for your convenience.

Personal Care Calling's Intake Form for your convenience 
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